Enjoy the Beauty of Art with Interviews and Photoshoots

Have you ever wanted to explore the new trends of fashion and lifestyle? Then, skip the guesswork and get ready for the Global Celebration of Aesthetics! This event will showcase the latest styles, knowledge and creative expression with interviews and photoshoots that will leave you in awe.

The event originally featured David Vance’s “Men & Gods,” Alex Bego’s Salamandra Fire Show, as well as a few models from DT Model Management LA who were led by Nick Youngquest. To tie it all together and making it even more impressive is the fact that Alex Bego was the Editor-in-Chief and Marc T. Russell was the Managing Editor.

Explore the Wonders of Art with the Global Celebration of Aesthetics

If you’re ready to explore some real jaw-dropping visuals, let’s jump into what you can expect from the Global Celebration of Aesthetics. You’ll find a lot of interesting details and talent from the show that will leave you marveling at the beauty and grace of art.

One of the main standout features of the event is the work of Alex Bego. He was key in the setup and overall execution of the event and was responsible for photographing the stunning Evgeniy Smirnov and Alex Bachurin. Awesome styling from Julia Pyndychuk and hair/make-up from Alexander Olgin combined their powers to take the looks to another level.

Unlock the Beauty with Interviews and Photoshoots

At the Global Celebration of Aesthetics, you will not only enjoy the amazing visuals but also hear the stories that inspired the looks. Get ready to listen to interviews and watch photoshoots that will fascinate you and make you appreciate art more.

Here’s what you can expect at the event:

  • Intriguing interviews from industry professionals
  • Eye-catching photoshoots from talented artists
  • A chance to learn the tricks and trends of fashion and lifestyle
  • Aesthetic pleasure guaranteed!

You’ll want to be part of this event, so make sure you save the date. Everyone is welcome and you could even join a session to learn the secrets of fashion and lifestyle. So don’t wait any longer and come join the festivities!


Q. What is the Global celebration of aesthetics?

A. The Global Celebration of Aesthetics is an event that features interviews, photoshoots and shows from industry professionals such as David Vance’s “Men & Gods”, Alex Bego’s Salamandra Fire Show and models from DT Model Management LA.

Q. Who is the Editor-in-Chief?

A. The Editor-in-Chief is Alex Bego and the Managing Editor is Marc T. Russell.

Q. What should I expect to see at the event?

A. You should expect to see interviews, photoshoots and shows from industry professionals, as well as learn the tricks and trends of fashion and lifestyle.

Q. Who is Nick Youngquest?

A. Nick Youngquest is a model from DT Model Management LA who was responsible for leading the models in the photoshoots.


Be part of the Global Celebration of Aesthetics and unlock the beauty of art! At the event, you’ll get to explore the journey of fashion and lifestyle and learn the tricks of the industry. Not to mention, you can join a session and actually learn more about the topic — all while enjoying the amazing visuals that the event has to offer. So, don’t miss out and join the festivities now!

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