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Welcome to Coverboy Magazine, the epitome of male photographic artistry! We are a vibrant, submission-based magazine dedicated to the stunning world of male portraiture. Our pages are graced with an exquisite collection of contemporary photographs featuring distinguished male models, captured by both locally celebrated and internationally renowned photographers.

At Coverboy, we pride ourselves on curating a spectacular showcase of the finest in classic and creative male photography. Our magazine is a treasure trove for those who appreciate aesthetic brilliance, featuring work from some of the most fashionable and talented photographers and artists globally. We understand the allure of visual splendor, and we’re committed to bringing that to our audience in every issue.

Our publication isn’t just about breathtaking visuals; it’s a hub of inspiration and learning. Coverboy Magazine is packed with exclusive interviews, giving our readers insights into the lives and minds of fascinating personalities from around the world. We also offer master-classes and tutorials designed to sharpen your photography skills, turning novices into seasoned shutterbugs.

But there’s more – Coverboy serves as a dynamic forum and creative platform for a diverse community, including actors, artists, designers, models, photographers, stylists, and writers. It’s a space for these creatives to showcase their work, share ideas, reveal photography techniques, and provide tips to amateurs, students, and professionals alike. If you’re seeking a spark of creativity, Coverboy Magazine is your go-to source.

For those who prefer digital convenience, fear not – Coverboy is readily available in digital download formats. And soon, you’ll be able to order print copies via mail. Our magazine is a monthly celebration of male photography, carefully crafted and filled with content from both established and emerging talents in the field. This very first issue, offered online for free, pays tribute to the male form, presenting a diverse selection of photographs from artists of varied backgrounds.

Coverboy Magazine also comes in a bilingual version (Russian and English), catering to a global audience. We’re more than just a magazine – we’re a cultural phenomenon aiming to capture hearts worldwide.

We extend an invitation to publicists, journalists, critics, and cultural professionals to collaborate with us. We value the ability to articulate thoughts eloquently and see the world through multiple lenses. Photographers and graphic specialists are also welcome to join our creative ensemble.